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Permatex Super Weatherstrip Adhesive

Permatex Super Weatherstrip Adhesive is a black viscous liquid contact type cement for all types of weatherstripping. It aheres to most clean, dry surfaces including aluminum, glass, plastic, and rubber.

Color: black or yellow

Part# 0118C

More details

  • black
  • yellow


$7.99 per 5 oz. tube

Super Weatherstrip Adhesive is an air-drying contact cement that allows quick bonding yet maintains enough versatility in tack to allow large areas to be spread and bonded at one time.  The drying characteristics allow for repositioning parts after contact is made.  The maximum strength of Super Weatherstrip Adhesive is attained after all the solvent has been released.  Non-porous surfaces, if assembled while the adhesive is wet, will prevent the release of solvent, consequently, the adhesive will take longer to dry and develop maximum strength.

Here are a few of the vintage
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Aljoa                  Love Bug 
Aloha                 Mercury
Aristocrat        Metzendorf
Avion                 Rainbow
Bolers               Road Runner
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Caravelle          Safari
Comet               Scamp
Crown               Serro Scotty
urtis Wright  Shasta
Dalton               Silver Streak
Elite                   Spartan
EZ Camper      Streamline
Fan                    Sundial
Fireball             Terry
Forester           Traveleer
Hanson             Traveleze
Holiday              Trilium
Kenskill             VW Camper Bus
Kit                       Westerner        

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