*Hehr and Spartan Window Glazing Channel


Hehr and Spartan Window Glazing Channel

This glazing channel was originally designed by Hehr for their Series 4900 and 4200 windows, but can also be used with Hehr Series 3500 and 3600 windows. The vinyl glazing is an excellant fit with Spartan windows from 1948 to 1955 . Please see notes below regarding each of these windows and glass thickness requirements. Color: Grey

Part# 0114Z3

Original Hehr Part# unknown

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$0.55 per foot

1. The Hehr Series 3500, 3600, 4200, and 4900 windows require 3/32" thick glass to work with this glazing channel. 1/8" glass will be too thick for this glazing channel. The thickness of this rubber glazing channel has been designed to fit snugly between the 3/32" glass pane and the aluminum channel. When cutting glass for installation, the glass pane should not overlay the aluminum channel edge by more than 1/8'.

2. Most glass shops do not stock 3/32" glass; however, Home Depot and Lowes stock 24" by 36" sheets of 3/32' glass. You can purchase the glass at either of these stores and take it to a glass shop for cutting and trimming.

3. When used inSpartan windows, 1/8" glass must be used with this glazing to be compatible with the 7/32" glazing channel. The original glass in these early Spartan windows was 1/8".

4. Off-the-shelf glazing rubber from a hardware store or glass shop will be too thick to fit between the glass pane and the aluminum channel.

5. When installing glass and glazing channel into the aluminum channel, make sure the aluminum channel is clean and smooth. If there is corrosion inside the channel, use a small wire brush to smoothen.

6. Use liberal amounts of lubricant such as glass  lubricant or dawn liquid dish soap.

7. Hehr window model numbers include 4901, 4902, 4910, 4911, 4912

Here are a few of the vintage
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Airfloat              Little Caesar
Aljoa                  Love Bug 
Aloha                 Mercury
Aristocrat        Metzendorf
Avion                 Rainbow
Bolers               Road Runner
oles Aero       Rod and Reel
Caravelle          Safari
Comet               Scamp
Crown               Serro Scotty
urtis Wright  Shasta
Dalton               Silver Streak
Elite                   Spartan
EZ Camper      Streamline
Fan                    Sundial
Fireball             Terry
Forester           Traveleer
Hanson             Traveleze
Holiday              Trilium
Kenskill             VW Camper Bus
Kit                       Westerner        

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